40… Finally!

I woke up, what is now yesterday morning, dreading the entire day. What I didn’t know was that it was going to be one of the single best days of my whole life. See I turned 40. To me this number scared me to no end and I couldn’t, and still can’t, quite put my finger on on exactly why, but I hated it. 

So when I woke up, I had my morning constitutions (no, not a #2, Endi needs two of those before he even leaves the house, but that may be too much information for a blog post, oh well…), went down stairs to inquire why it smelled like garlic and found Endi making his historic ‘All-in Burgers’, in bulk. Strange, so I questioned him, “Who all’s coming over tonight? I thought it was just your parents?” He says “Oh yeah, but I’m going to freeze the rest.” Sounded plausible so I moved on to the next important and ever so pleasant Birthday task, the license plate sticker. Since I’m not driving anymore I was in no rush to complete this task, but I also know it’s a bitch of a fine if Endi was stopped without it so I didn’t want to risk it. 

Let’s remember this is all cutting into my plan of laying in my bed and crying all day. 

Before we leave my mother, who lives with us, calls me down the hall to her room. She gives me a hug and a kiss, wishes me a Happy Birthday and hands me a package of mints as my present. I thanked her and was gracious and left for the license office. 

At the license office I complained to Endi about how none of my friends had reached out to make plans for my Birthday and that my mother gave me a package of mints that didn’t even have 40 in them. I thought at least there would be 40 mints. I thought it was so strange that my friends were being so distant during this huge milestone in my life. Truth be told, I was a little distant too. But I thought maybe they would at least reach out to make dinner plans or something. 

Finally, while we were standing in line one of my best friends sends me a text asking me to go out for dinner and a movie, my annoyed response “Sounds good!” Another texts “I hope you’re having a great day and getting spoiled!” Me “Thanks!” I couldn’t help but feel so selfish yesterday. I knew it was wrong in so many ways but that’s the emotion I was feeling. Selfishness. 

So after complaining, a Birthday Starbucks and a unicorn trip to Costco (definition: Unicorn Costco Trip – Any, and all, trips to Costco that cost UNDER $50), we arrived back at home with enough time for me to grab a quick bite to eat before my nail appointment with my mother in law. 

Next up, colour selection. This is almost impossible for someone who has difficulty deciding groceries when I have a list, let alone when there are literally a hundred choices. I chose two vibrant colours, because why the hell not right? I was also given the suggestion by Coleen a couple of days ago on my last blog post, so Thank You Coleen! 

I sunk into the chair and enjoyed my pedicure, which was long overdue. I didn’t even check my phone. I wanted to spend that time relaxing and enjoying my special gift from my mother in law. And I totally did! 

Then it came time for the manicure. I was so relaxed by this point that I almost fell asleep while she was doing it. I sent a text to Endi telling him, his response was “Hahaha nice”, a typical Endi response. 

At this point I had no idea there was a circus going on at my house that Endi had set into motion. 

He had contacted all of my best friends and planned a huge surprise Birthday party for me! 

This was no small feat! From food to decorations, it was all planned out. They made sure it was perfect for me. 

On our way home from getting my nails done my mother in law asked me to call Endi to ask if we needed anything, her phone had died so when I called and sounded so relaxed he thought I may know what he had been up to. I told him I might go for a nap when I got there, he gave me his usual “Ok baby, no problem. You lay down when you get here” response, in his always loving and supportive tone that conveyed to me that I was visiting my bed when I got home. I suspected nothing. 

We arrived at my house around 5:30 and I saw that one of Endi’s workers was over for dinner. This wasn’t odd, he is a great worker and him and his brother have tirelessly helped us move, so either one of them being at our house at any given time is pretty normal. But then I saw Sam, a friend of ours son. We don’t see them very often. In fact the last time I saw him was New Years, so seeing him AND his dad was off. 

My pace picked up and I walked into the kitchen where I was met with my family and friends all ready to celebrate my Birthday! 

I looked to my left and there were my favourite people. I looked to my right and there were more of my favourite people. Many more kept arriving. You could have knocked me over with a feather. 

My tiredness immediately turned to excitement over the best surprise anyone has ever been able to pull off for me. You have to remember I’m home almost all day, every single day, so how this was done without me knowing is beyond me. I’m getting details now, and it was pretty complex. There was a lot of organization and so many people involved. I am so embarrassed now about how annoyed I was with my friends, because of course Endi told them. I’m not sure I’ll ever live that down. 

I found myself floating around my new house enjoying the company of my friends who were there to celebrate with me and enjoy the food, OH MY GOD THE FOOD! 

The mother in law made me my favourite cake and Endi bought me my favourite from Vincenzo’s, plus a cheese cake. There’s a joke at our house that you don’t go home hungry, or sober. Last night was no exception, with a few exceptions of course and responsible drivers, and cabs that couldn’t find our house. 

My mother had been helping make this day happen and had given me a Himalayan salt lamp because I had been told about its calming and healing energy and a bread box because I asked for one. Not just 24 mints. 

My friends brought me gifts, that I was not expecting. I was so humbled and grateful. 

Endi couldn’t wait for me to open his presents. He said “Open the big one first!” So I did. I was a shower caddy. We needed it. We had spoken about it a couple of weeks prior and said it would be a great idea. I was thrilled. I was actually more surprised he was giving me presents after throwing me a party. The next gift made me squeal. I have wanted one of these for so many years and have pointed them out, but Endi would always say no. It was a faucet. I know it sounds sad that I was SO excited over a faucet, but I was. This is what ‘adulting’ looks like folks! Endi thought for sure those gifts would find him in the dog house, but he forgets how practical I am sometimes. 

He had one last gift for me. It wrapped in one of our large packing boxes and secured with enough tape so that it would be so hard to open I would for sure need a knife. We didn’t pack our fragile boxes that well! Inside was the black Michael Kors purse I had pointed out to him a month ago. A purse he would have had to take someone with him to go get, because by himself he cannot ever have a unicorn Costco trip. He also hates my purse addiction. 

I was floored! And so grateful. 

The last party guest left around 10. Just in time for this old lady to take her meds and start to reflect on what was supposed to be the saddest day of my life, it turned out to be one of the best. 

I have surmised in the last 40 years that I have some of the best people who love me and who are there for me, here with me. 

I love you all right back!

Thank you so much to everyone that was involved in yesterday and who came to help me celebrate!


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  1. Coleen says:

    I’m so glad it turned out to be a fun day for you. Your blog post today made me laugh. Keep in enjoying them, Sommer!! Here’s to forty more! Btw… Post a picture of your toes/fingers!! 😁


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