Stress Hangover 

I woke up yesterday at 5pm. Some might say I’m lucky to be able to sleep all day and not have anyone bother me. No kids coming in inquiring about what’s for lunch, or dinner for that matter. No worries about who needs to walk the dog. Endi even made sure I had my meds at the regular intervals so I was comfortable. When I finally did rise from my slumber I determined that what I was suffering from was a Stress Hangover. 

A few days ago I posted about having to look for a new place to live and having to conduct that search immediately after having my sixth brain surgery. Between mom, Endi and I, we looked at five places. 

Here’s how it went…

House #1. The first place we looked at was on the Tuesday after my surgery that was done on March 30. It was four bedrooms, combined great room/dining room area, decent size kitchen. Brand new house. Neither Endi or myself were all that excited over it other than it was close to my in laws. 

House #2. The second house I made an appointment to see was booked on the Thursday after my surgery. I figured giving myself a day in between was a good idea because I was still trying to recover from major brain surgery. Trying being the operative word. If you refer back to my blog post about Moving and being Pre Judged you can understand my thoughts about house #2 and how much we wanted it. We were literally going to sign the lease that week when I received an email from the owners saying they had a major pipe leak and that they wouldn’t be able to rent it to us. What they didn’t know is that I had stopped looking for a home because they told us we were accepted. I felt so defeated. I was devastated. We were supposed to be moving in a month! So I was back to the drawing board. 

House #3. We saw this home the same night we saw house #2. It was a three bedroom, no finished basement, very small. We would have been so unhappy there. 

House #4. I was back on my search. I had just received that devastating email about the water damage and thought we were basically homeless in a months time. I was invited to see the home in Waterloo. It was a back split. Fenced yard, brand new appliances, the whole shebang. Mom and I show up at 6:30, along with what looks to be about 10 other couples and families. We find out after we get there that it was an open house. That the owner of the property let people go through the home before it was cleaned (it smelled like rotten garbage) and had holes in the walls. Regardless, we could see past this and thought this place had potential. I emailed the agent with an incentive, we would do all of the cleaning and wall repairs, plus painting, if that would give us a leg up on the other renters. The agent got back to me with a very generic email, thanking me for coming to the open house and if we were interested, we should fill out the attached application. He clearly had not read my email. I wanted to wait to fill out the application, something didn’t feel right. 

That was Tuesday. For the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday I spent emailing and calling every ad on kijiji or Our biggest obstacle was still that we have pets and that hasn’t changed. I cried constantly. I couldn’t help it. My nerves were so raw and it felt like every time anyone said anything about our house hunt I would break down. 

House #5. Endi had been against Vista Hills from the jump. He said that it was a beautiful community but it was just so hard to access. But I made a really good point to him, after I was contacted by the owner of house #5, Cambridge is farther away than Vista Hills. He agreed to at least go and look at it. What harm could looking do right? When we got there we were greeted by one of the owners, she was super welcoming and started showing us around. We were immediately taken with the workmanship of the home. Then we went upstairs. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. There are two masters! Mom would have her own bathroom and walk in closet. After all these years of taking care of us she would finally have a sanctuary of her very own. The kids would share a jack and jill washroom, and their bedrooms were huge too. It was a crazy amount of space. Endi’s face was lit up. He was so excited. He immediately asked to sign the lease. I’ve never seen him make a snap decision like that before, but I was so happy and relieved he did. 

We signed our lease on Friday. We can start moving May 15. It still doesn’t seem real. 

Still with every email I get I’m scared it will be bad news. Are they going to want a background check? Is there going to be damage at the house? Something else entirely? 

Is this the cause of my stress hangover? Probably. I just need to get out of my head and start packing. 

Now where is my tape? Damnit, I need tape!


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