My writing

  • img_1784I’ve been told on occasion that I should write more or that I am “well written”. Usually this comes from my random Facebook posts, updating my friends and people I’ve met through my life (and some I haven’t) about my condition, Intracranial Hypertension, and how I’m doing at that particular time.

Usually I ramble on about what surgeries I’ve had, how many pills I’ve taken, which doctors I’ve seen and how it affects my family and I. All the while peppering my paragraphs with my unwavering humour.

I tell everyone that I write the same way that I speak. So if it’s translating that way in my writing, I think that’s a bonus!

My condition doesn’t allow me to write as often as I would like. And only today did I realize I could write from the comfort of my iPhone.

So this will not be my last entry…


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