My Husband

Tonight I went over to my friends house. She was there that fateful night back in August, 2005, when I re-met him. Maybe I should explain more.

In July, 1993, I was just a shy 16 year old, hanging out with my girlfriends, who suggested that we go to this new pool hall, that was also a café.

From what I remember, I think we walked all the way from Downtown Kitchener (like the bus terminal) to University and Weber in Waterloo. It was quite the trek. And I don’t remember why we walked as we all had money for the bus, or bus passes. But we walked and talked and there was promise of coffee and billiards and BOYS!!!

When we arrived I was introduced to the owner of the establishment and we hit it off right away. Quickly starting what would be an uncomfortable and somewhat inappropriate relationship, as he was quite a bit older than me. It lasted about a week and it wasn’t intimate.

After about a week of regularly hanging out, drinking coffee and playing pool, my best friend at the time, Anita and I were sitting near the middle of the café when three guys walked in. I remember like it was yesterday what order they walked in.

Nino first. He looked like a Greek God. He was the boyfriend of another friend of ours. Then Rob. He was shorter. He had short hair. Wasn’t really my type. Cute, and Anita liked him.

Then my Endi walked in.

He was tall. Had long straight hair. Which I didn’t know at the time, but he was straightening it. He was slim, but not too slim.

He had an air about him. A certain confidence that couldn’t be ignored. I liked him immediately.

We kissed that first night. And our Summer romance started.

I met his family. His sister was only two or three when I met her. She was so sweet. His mother didn’t like me. But I tried to be polite and respectful.

He was a Serbian folk dancer and traveled all over the country for it. Being 16, his affections strayed. He kissed another girl. I was devastated when I found out.

Needless to say we broke up. I moved on. Grew up. Had a baby girl. Married another man. Divorced the other man. Life went on.

August 6, 2005…

I had just moved into a new townhouse. I was so proud to be back and on my own two feet. I was working three jobs to do it. But I was doing it. Just me and my girl.

My friend and I had plans to go out to the club that night. The Wax, and Bobby O’Brian’s in Downtown Kitchener. Big patio, loud music, tons of alcohol. Perfect recipe for a mend to my recently broken heart, again.

I had just broken up with a guy I had dated for six months, who treated me like crap. I’m not even sure if he took me out on a date. But I digress…

There he was, all white cowboy hat, button down shirt, beer in hand.

I needed more tequila for courage before I stole his hat and told him he was coming home with me.

Turns out he had made a bet that he could get some ‘action’ before he stepped foot into he bar. He won the bet. I still shake my head at that. But I also think maybe that $100 went towards my rings… yeah, thats right.

The next morning, I couldn’t get rid of him. Literally.

We have had so many ups and downs in the 11 years that we have been together. Including two years apart. But this guy is the love of my life. He is my rock.

I came home tonight crying, thinking how jealous I used to be of this friend when we were in our ‘dating’ life. How she got all the ‘good’ guys. And now she has one of the worst guys ever, and I have Endi. I hugged him hard and he wiped my tears.

I have always said “I would rather be alone than unhappy” and I still live by that today.

Endi and I have a beautiful family, including my daughter and our nine year old son. We are lucky. Not perfect, but lucky.

I guess I should get some sleep now. I tweeted over an hour ago ( @somsomsommer )that I couldn’t sleep, but blogging has made me sleepy, so that is good.

More on my Hunny a different day… because he’s pretty awesome most days.

I love you Endi.


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