There seems to be a ‘Virgin’ theme in my life lately…

As the title would suggest, there seems to be that theme in my life, and starting a blog would be no different. So here goes. My blog virginity. You can have it. I’m sure there will be blood and tears and all the other emotions that come with loosing your virginity. But I’m sure after a few entries I’ll be saying, “Hey, that wasn’t so bad. It didn’t hurt too much. I’m starting to like it a lot. I want to do it all the time.” Bow chika wow wow…

To get to what I mean about ‘virgins’, so I can clear up what anyone is thinking. I drink virgin drinks. I stopped drinking alcohol about two years ago, maybe three. I don’t even remember. It was around the time when I started taking the really strong pain killers for my back. That was when I knew I couldn’t drink anymore.
It wasn’t sad. I didn’t miss it, I still don’t. I even encouraged my friends to have a few, and when I was having ‘good days’ I would drive them home. But I drink ‘Virgins’. And my friends and I get a kick out of posting pics of them and really just ordering them. It’s fun, and makes me feel a bit more fancy. It makes me look like I’m having a drink without having a drink. I’m being safe for me. I have Intercranial Hypertension.
Im on a lot of medication. Like a lot, a lot. My PSW, who helps me get up in the mornings actually commented that I took a lot of pills. I had to tell her that that was only the day meds and she hadn’t even seen the night meds.
My meds try to keep the depression away, try to keep my pressure down, keep the nerve pain in check and my blood pressure in line. Did I mention the narcotics? And to add to that, let’s not forget the stool softener. Let’s face it, everybody poops.
I have amazing friends. I have learned over the course of my illness who my real friends actually are, and I keep them very close. I treasure them. (That’s one of them in the picture. She’s been around for a while.)
I met the man I call my Husband in 1993. Yes, you read that right. We met when we were 16. We dated then too. Sad to say he did NOT take the V-card. But he was just as smooth back then as he was in 2005 when I saw him on the Patio of Bobby O’Brian’s in Downtown Kitchener, where I stole his Cowboy hat and told him it looked better on me. I also told him that he was “For now, not forever.”Boy was I wrong. I could not ask for a better partner to share my life with. He’s amazing. I’m sure there will be a whole post dedicated to him alone. I could go on for days about him. I am still in love.
My two kids are 10 years apart. Yep, whoops and whoopsie. The best surprises I’ve ever had. Albeit learning experiences, both of them. The curve has been semi forgiving so far. I don’t believe you’re done parenting when they’re 18, you’re going to parent forever. I will for sure be posting about both kids.
Speaking to that, my mother lives with us as well. She still teaches me, and I lean on her when I’m weak, which is a lot. She drives me nuts. Batshit crazy. But I love her and I don’t know what I would do without her. I will surely be writing a post, (OR 10) on her driving.
I’m a rambler. I’m sure that my blogs are going to be incoherent nonsense about nothingness that is my life, or my past life. But it is and was.
I’m going to try to blog as much as my illness allows me to. If it gives me a good day, I’m going to try to blog. I’m really doing this more for me. But if someone reads it and enjoys it, then there’s that too.
Cheers, to your alcoholic beverage and my Virginity…


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